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Special Security & Safety Tips

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SHE Alert Special: Y'ello Care 2015

Safety and security should be considered on the job, off the job, during recreational, promotional and community activities in order to reduce the chances of incidents and accidents.

As you carry out your Y’ello Care activities, the following tips will help you safeguard your environment and manage safety and security issues as you carry out your various volunteer activities.

Pre-Trip tips:

  • For every activity, ensure that the required safety and security measures are applied
  • Before you take off, log a call to your regional control room to register your movements and if possible secure security information from the Regional Security focal point
  • Ensure your team has the basic first aid kits
  • Print the check-off form and ensure that roll call attendance of all staff members is taken
  • Team members should conduct themselves properly and account for each other’s movement (if movement is not aligned with the team’s movement plan)

Moving to the activity venue:

  • Ensure the driver is fit to drive and that your vehicle is in good condition: good tyres, functional brakes
  • Confirm that all travelling requirements are intact: valid licence, fire extinguishers, valid insurance certificate, jack/ wheel spanner, first aid box, etc
  • Call your Team Leader or the Project Co-ordinator before you leave
  • All passengers should fasten their seat belts, including passengers on back seats
  • Ensure driving is within approved speed limits
  • Watch out for vehicular traffic, motor cycles and pedestrians
  • If you have to walk, always walk against traffic and use pedestrian walkways where provided

Carrying out Y’ello Care activities:


  • Run a check on your hand tools to ensure they are in good condition before you use them
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes
  • Take extra care with sharp cutting tools
  • Do not undertake a job if you do not have the ability
  • When engaged in activities requiring the use of a ladder, ensure the ladder is properly secured
  • When working or planting trees besides roadways, please use necessary protective equipment, warning signs and barrier tapes to cordon off your work area


These tips are in no way exhaustive. Please take personal responsibility for your safety to ensure that our volunteer activities are incident-free! Wishing you all a safe 21 Days of Y’ello Care!